Meet Phil

 Meet Phil Swanhorst!

 Candidate, Wisconsin's 23rd Senate District

Phil Swanhorst, Candidate for Wisconsin's 23rd Senate District

 Phil Swanhorst knows what it is like to work    for a living. Phil has  owned  and operated  Pine Harbor  Campground in Chippewa Falls  with his wife  Pat for the past 20  years. Phil    has  also been a bus  driver for the City of  Eau Claire for the past 12 years.  Having  worked in management and  worker  positions, union  and non- union jobs, and     having experience in  both  the private and public  sectors, Phil can relate to hard working Wisconsinites - because he  is one!


 That is why Phil is running for the State Senate; to represent the  working families of the 23rd Senate District. Phil believes in hard  work and the American Dream. He believes that someone who  works 40 hours a work should not live in poverty, which is why he  supports raising the minimum wage. He believes in leaving the  world just a little better for future generations, which is why he  supports public education and our environment.

Since announcing his campaign for the State Senate in May, Phil and Team Swanhorst have been working hard to reach the voters of the 23rd Senate District and his campaign has been gaining momentum daily.

In order for Phil’s campaign for State Senate to be successful, we need YOU to join Team Swanhorst today!  There are many ways to be a part of Team Swanhorst; volunteering to help knock doors or make phone calls to our neighbors in the 23rd Senate District, making a financial donation so our campaign can continue to grow momentum, and by sharing our message on social media. We look forward to getting to know you as member of the team.

Let's go to work!


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Phil Swanhorst. Candidate for Wisconsin's 23rd Senate District
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